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cross sound and the fairweather fishing grounds PDF Print E-mail

Our Home, "Office", Playground... Lifeblood

Troller at Sunset in front of Cape SpencereCross Sound lies at the northernmost entrance of Alaska‚Äôs Inside Passage, a thousand-mile maze of rocky mountainous islands, interspersed with hundreds of miles of deep glacier-carved saltwater fiords, bays, and channels.  The islands of southeast Alaska are drained by thousands of small streams, while larger rivers drain the snow-covered mountains of the mainland. The cold clear waters of these streams support runs of Pacific salmon.  In the late summer and fall, these streams swarm with spawning adult salmon.  In the spring, the offspring of these salmon migrate downstream to feed, first in the shallow protected estuaries, and then in the open ocean.

elfin cove history PDF Print E-mail

Ernie Swanson is the Fishing from Elfin Cove for Almost Ninety Years!

Elfin Cove has a rich and interesting history. The community was established as a fish buying location by Ernie Swanson in the late 1920's. Elfin Cove was originally called "Gunk Hole" which meant a quiet and safe harbor but was eventually renamed when the post office was established. The magical setting conjured a feeling of a home for elves.

Learn more about Elfin Cove history by clicking the read more link below or take a peek into the past by reading these Alaska Sportsmen magazine articles from the 40s, 50s, and 60s.